Freddy decides to go bonkers

Uncle Matt was an angry fellow
who always found a fly in the ointment
and aging didn’t make him mellow
the world seemed for him an disappointment.

“I go bonkers!” he would yell
when some obstacle appeared
and he went like a bat out of hell
with looks that could have speared.

The family was so used to these scenes
they simply muttered: “Bye, Matt” when he left.
But little Fred desired by all means
to know whereto his uncle abscond so deft.

One Sunday after the uncle’s outbreak
he started questioning his dad:
“Bonkers? Is that close to the big lake?”
and smiling the father shook his head.

“Bonkers is between fiddle-faddle and bafflegab,”
he stated with a big grin on his face.
“You won’t find it on an ordinary map.”
And in wonder little Fred gaze.

Alright he thought, I’ll find out where he went
that can not be too hard
maybe it’s just out of town where the roads bent
at least for the search it’s a start.

So he wandered out of the door and down the lane
he met Olivia Tucker, the baker’s wife:
“Hi Fred! Where are you going? This is my sister Jane.”
Fred answered: “Hello Ms. Tucker – Upon my life!
I am going bonkers!”

And left her with eyes open wide
wondering what this could mean
as Fred took a flight
to find the hidden spot he had not seen.

Just when he overstepped the village’s bound
trying to spot his uncle’s guise
he heard a whistling sound
from friend Tod: “Fred, whereto on this day nice?”
Fred sighed: “I am going bonkers!”

Tod replied: “Really, can I come as well?”
“Sure, but we must hurry!”
And both in gallop they fell
as they saw Uncle Matt’s hat afar blurry.

They saw him disappear behind a tree
and climbed the Widow Austin’s fence
to get there but she called: “Boys, long time no see.
Won’t you come to the church’s dance?”
They replied fast: “No, we are going bonkers.”

“Young people…,” she mumbled
as the friends sprinted to the wood
and behind a tiny waterfall that tumbled
they pursued the uncle as fast as they could.

They reached after a while a clearing
but no sign of Uncle Matt, so their hearts dropped
“We have to give up, I’m fearing,”
said Fred listening to a pecker that chopped.

“As long as we’re here,” pondered Tod
“We could explore what is behind this rock.”
Fred agreed: “Sure, why not?”
There they found an old hut – “Is it locked?”

It wasn’t and who they found inside?
Uncle Matt who shot cans with stones
He was more than surprised
and shared from his pockets some scones.

He asked them why they paid him a visit
and they told him about their dare
to go bonkers, while they nibbled on a biscuit,
and he laughed: “You are already there!”

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